Business Leaders


Community business leaders are damaged by the social and economic costs of living in a violent community. These can include reduced economic investment, reduction in sales, difficulty finding skilled labor, and increased loss and security costs.

Business leaders are also the best source of information. When business and community leaders share their experience, knowledge, and connections to reduce gun violence, they form a powerful alliance.

The Employment Security Commission in conjunction with the NC Department of Corrections employs a JOB DEVELOPER who works specifically with the community and ex-offenders to link skilled services with people who need a second chance. For more information contact Michael Westray at 910-486-1010.

Did you know that by employing bonded ex-offenders, your company can earn significant tax credits? Your company could receive thousands of dollars in tax credits by giving one of our candidates a second chance. Remember, these employees are federally bonded to protect you against loss, at no cost to your business.

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