Faith Based


What can you do to help?

  • Pray for the continued success of Operation Ceasefire in Cumberland County

  • Sponsor a Ceasefire Movie Night

  • Offer counseling and mentoring to individuals who are struggling and who have made criminal choices in the past

  • Work with the Ceasefire Coordinator by identifying programs and groups within your ministry that can provide teaching and support to individuals desperately trying to to change their lives and walk in freedom from violence

  • Join the Operation Ceasefire Prayer Canopy & pray for safety and change in our violent crime rates in Fayetteville & Cumberland County

  • Network with other leaders in our campaign to present a united, faith-based front against gun violence. Put this commitment in writing and share this with your congregation and other community leaders

  • Invite leaders from the law enforcement and judicial communities to speak to your congregation about their efforts to reduce gun violence

  • Encourage us by commenting on the Fayetteville Police Department's and Operation Ceasefire's Face Book pages, and support our advertisers

*Contact Ceasefire Coordinator Lisa Jayne at 433-1017