What Is Operation Ceasefire?


The Ceasefire Goal

To improve the quality of life for all residents of Fayetteville/Cumberland County by reducing gun and gang violence in our community.

The Ceasefire Mission

To reduce violent crime in Fayetteville/Cumberland County by maintaining strategic and effective partnerships throughout our community.

The Ceasefire Strategy

  • Promote firearm safety & gang prevention throughout the county

  • Educate offenders about state & federal firearms laws & Operation Ceasefire's role in enforcing the same

  • Offer assistance to ex-offenders who want change & need help turning away from crime and violence

  • Aggressively respond to future incidents of violence through arrest & prosecution to fullest extent of state and federal law

Our program is based on a 3-tiered strategy of prevention, intervention, & suppression


Oct 2017

We take a proactive approach toward violent crime by identifying probationers with violent, drug, or firearms convictions including those with gang affiliation. We offer them a relationship with Operation Ceasefire through Ex-Offender Notifications or "Call-Ins." These "Call-Ins" are informational and open a network of resources to individuals to make real change possible.

Through collaboration with the US Attorney's Office, the District Attorney's Office, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, Fayetteville City Police, Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, and the Division of Community Corrections, offenders are notified that it is time to stop the violence or face strict criminal consequences beyond what they have experienced thus far.

Each participant who attends an Ex-Offender Notification is offered opportunities for education, training, counseling, and treatment - the necessary tools for change. For those who are willing to make the choice to walk away from drugs, violence, and a life of crime, we are here to help.

Nationally, the recidivism rate individuals with criminal convictions averages 67%. Statistically, without interventions such as Operation Ceasefire most offenders will continue to commit crime and again be imprisoned within three years of their last conviction.

(Source: US Department of Justice Study located at http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/reentry/recidivism.htm)


We work to identify repeat, violent, and group offenders for vigorous prosecution in State and Federal Court.

As a team, the Operation Ceasefire and Violent Crimes Task Force take every criminal case where firearms were recovered in Cumberland County for review and possible referral to the United States Attorneys Office (EDNC) for federal prosecution.

FACT: In the past year, our ATF Task Force has successfully submitted over 50 cases for federal prosecution based upon mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines with NO PAROLE and NO EARLY RELEASE. These individuals will be removed from Cumberland County and serve their sentences in federal prison for a very long time!

Prevention & Outreach

Movie Nights are an opportunity for law enforcement, neighbors and youth to have fun and build relationships with no agenda other than a good movie on a Friday night.

EKG Program is a youth gun violence education and prevention program. EKG works to prevent youth gun violence by educating students about the legal, medical, and emotional consequences of youth gun possession and related gun violence, as well as encouraging young people to consider options and choices available to them in situations involving guns.

Recreation Center Outreaches give children in after-school programs the chance to interact with law enforcement professionals about gun safety, violence prevention, and their responsibility to stay safe at home, school and beyond

Gang Education Workshops are available to acquaint residents and professionals in our community with relevant information about gang activity in Cumberland County. Certain restrictions apply, so contact the Ceasefire Coordinator for more information LJayne@ci.fay.nc.us.

Operation Ceasefire is NOT a program to restrict the lawful purchase, possession, or use of firearms by citizens.

Operation Ceasefire is not a gun turn-in program, nor is it an amnesty program. It is a program to reduce gun violence and inform felons of their restricted rights and new responsibilities pertaining to firearms and ammunition.

The Ceasefire Vision

Operation Ceasefire is an offer made by our whole community to assist individuals in successfully changing their lifestyles. This includes businesses who are willing to hire ex-felons or assist with job placement, ministries that are willing to mentor, admonish, and exhort individuals struggling with life changes, and resource organizations designed to assist with daily needs and challenges of successful living.

Operation Ceasefire is not a program to forgive offenders of violent acts. It is a program that meets individuals where they are to help them reach the next level of change, if change is what they want.

For those who continue doing harm, it is a promise to bring the full impact of a united community to vigorously prosecute violent crime!