May 2017

Movie Nights are an opportunity for law enforcement, neighbors and youth to have fun and build relationships with no agenda other than a good movie on a Friday night.  Children can take a gun safety pledge and parents can take home free gun locks.

EKG Program is a youth gun violence education and prevention program. EKG works to prevent youth gun violence by educating students about the legal, medical, and emotional consequences of youth gun possession and related gun violence, as well as encouraging young people to consider options and choices available to them in situations involving guns.

Fayetteville Cumberland Reentry Council  Safer Communities: Investing in supportive services for retuning citizens is an effective way to enhance public safety by reducing crime and recidivism.  Communities are stronger and safer when individuals with criminal backgrounds are gainfully employed and engaged taxpayers.  The local economy benefits as reduced recidivism means lower cost to police, courts, jails, prisons and more monies sent in the local community.

Recreation Center Outreaches give children in after-school programs the chance to interact with law enforcement professionals about gun safety, violence prevention, and their responsibility to stay safe at home, school and beyond

Gang Education Workshops are available to acquaint residents and professionals in our community with relevant information about gang activity in Cumberland County. Certain restrictions apply, so contact the Ceasefire Coordinator for more information

Operation Ceasefire is NOT a program to restrict the lawful purchase, possession, or use of firearms by citizens.

Operation Ceasefire is not a gun turn-in program, nor is it an amnesty program. It is a program to reduce gun violence and inform felons of their restricted rights and new responsibilities pertaining to firearms and ammunition.