Operation Ceasefire Statistics 2010-2012


Our mission is to reduce violent gun crime and gang crimes through a strategy of prevention, intervention and suppression. As a way of measuring outcomes versus output, we examine results in key areas to evaluate our program. We would like to share highlights with you here.

"Call Ins" create an opportunity for offenders serving probation and parole sentences for violent crimes to meet resource partners and law enforcement officers face to face. Offenders attend call-ins by "invitation-only". If you get an invitation it means you are already on local, state, and federal radars. Every call-in participant is offered assistance with education, employment, counseling and healthcare. Each is warned that from this point forward, he/she is targeted for vigorous prosecution if the violence does not STOP!

  • From August 4, 2010 - January 7, 2012: Ceasefire participants absconded supervision less, completed probation more often, and remained freer of criminal and technical violations than all the other probation offenders in Cumberland County

  • 88.28% of Ceasefire participants completed, remained active in good standing, or were terminated successfully from probation

  • Overall, 19.20% of probationers in Cumberland County violated probation and were sent to prison 8/4/10 - 1/7/12 while only 11.7% of ceasefire participants returned to prison

  • Of those who failed to heed the warning, 100 subjects have been indicted federally by our ATF Task Force

  • Over 150 firearms have been recovered and taken off our streets

We owe our thanks for this success to our hard-working officers, the United States Attorneys Office, our Community Partners and the participants themselves, who have made a commitment to change and are living it out. Thanks to each of you for what you do to make Fayetteville/Cumberland County a better place for all!